About Me

I am a stay at home mom trying to balance a baby in one hand and my life in the other. Love to be artsy, take loads of photos, always focus on staying positive and more. Wife to an amazing super-dad and French chef; he is my best friend and my rock. Mother to R (or little man as we call him), a curly haired, giggly, kind soul born October 2015. As soon as he was born he stole my heart, he is my whole world.

ablout me LAUREN

About the Blog

It all started with a little pink line… That positive pregnancy test marked the beginning of my life changing from just me and my husband, to a family of three. I want to share my experiences from pregnancy to becoming a mother, giving you all the details along the way.  This is my exploration into motherhood; you can figure it out with me as I go!

I do want to acknowledge that my family is currently three (made up of me, my husband, and our son) but that does not mean that is what every family is comprised of. Whatever your family looks like, or how it came to be, we all have the gift of being loved by precious little hearts and that is all that matters!

I have to admit that I never really imagined writing a blog, I wondered why anyone would want to read about my life. But then I realized that becoming a mom is all about sharing experiences with other moms (mainly so you feel better knowing that you are not the only one who feels like they don’t know what they are doing at times). When I was pregnant, I wanted to read all I could about pregnancy, parenting, and caring for a newborn. I felt comforted by reading what other moms were going through and hearing their stories, even though I had no idea who they were. Just knowing that we shared a common experience somehow connected me to these other moms and hopefully that is what I can give to you, my reader. Hopefully this blog will give you one more story to relate to as you prepare for, or try to survive, this amazing whirlwind experience of becoming a parent and family. It has been my favorite journey so far.

I also want to emphatically express that I respect each and every parent for whatever decisions they make. There are so many debates on “what is best” when it should be “do what is best for you” and don’t judge others if that may be different from what you do. I will of course be sharing my experiences and parenting choices but please don’t think that I believe my choices are the only ones that are right. I will always respect anyone’s decisions and love the chance to discuss our similarities and differences.

-Lauren G.